How Did I End Up Here

So, after thinking about this for months, and procrastinating for almost the entire time (the lack of inspiration for a suitable blog name served as a good deterrent to actually starting up a blog), a duo of unfortunate circumstances pushed me to the point of joining this social media blog party bandwagon.

The Immediate Triggers –

Last Night: I’m staying in a guesthouse in Split, Croatia. The owner is a lovely lady. Shame I can’t say the same about the girl I’m sharing the room with. Judging from the amount of luggage she has left here, she’s been here a while. I don’t mean the typically encountered mess of clothes and everything spilling out of a fellow guests backpack. She had put things on shelves. In drawers. There was no backpack to be seen. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought I was sharing her personal bedroom. The only thing missing from the room was photos of her friends. I mean, this girl really had made herself at home. Now, and this is important. This girl went out, and took the only key for the front door with her.

Don’t ask me why or how, but the front door can’t be opened from the inside when locked, unless you have a key, which is a beautiful fire hazard. To make matters even better, the lady of this house couldn’t find another key for me, let alone herself, to use to get out.

End result- I’m stuck inside for an indefinite amount of time, with nothing but uncooked pasta to eat. I turn to looking at possible couchsurfing hosts in nearby towns, and investigating possible future destinations. At some point during my hunger-induced haze, my mind stumbles across a potential blog name. The one chain which has been holding me back, the one excuse to keep “thinking about starting a blog”, has been severed.

Today: It’s raining. Split was a stunning city to walk around yesterday, when the sun was shining. All the locals were out enjoying the weather, the warm weather, t-shirt weather, which is something I have been missing for months. I wasn’t going to stay inside for that. But today… Well, Split just isn’t as attractive when it’s raining. The temperature dropped also. So, aside from a few brief sorties for food, a journal, and ramblings through the side streets, today provided a suitable moment in time to start this story.

I wasn't lying, the weather was beautiful yesterday

I wasn't lying, the weather was beautiful yesterday

The Name: During my travels, I tend to forgo public transport as often as possible. Partly from a desire to save money (although I have begun training in the art of ‘blackriding’. But I’ll save that story for another time), and partly thanks to my experiences living in Bangkok back in 2006.

Basically, I walk. A lot. I walk around cities to explore. I walk across cities to meet people. I walk to my hitch hiking points (some of which can take over an hour to get to). I started travelling in July 2010. I started in South East Asia. I bought a pair of running shoes in Phnom Penh that didn’t make it past Hanoi. After holes appeared in the heels, two pairs of Converse All Stars were decommissioned in France and Belgium respectively. It isn’t fun walking through snow, when the snow has a direct passage to your feet. My skate shoes that joined me through Asia didn’t make it to Europe. The hiking boots I picked up in France are currently missing between 5 and 10mm of sole from the heels. Lastly, the sole of one of the shoes on my feet, as I type this, is falling off, and needs to be reglued.

Once I realised that I had walked through 4 pairs of shoes in the last 8 months, with 2 more pairs soon to follow, the name “Well Worn Soles” seemed rather fitting. That was that, and now, this is the first post, done.

Side note: After the key mishap last night, the nice lady owner asked the girl to leave. Not to sound rude or anything, but I’m stoked! I won’t have to listen to her snorting her nose at 7:30am each morning, while she tries to clear her sinuses into her hand. Or at 8pm at night. Seriously, it was really bad.


4 thoughts on “How Did I End Up Here

  1. Beautiful first post. Reflective musings. Discussion of the finite nature of consumer products. Dreary weather imagery. Cheap travel.

    Hipsters worldwide approve. 😛

  2. The ‘the sole of one of the shoes on my feet, as I type this, is falling off, and needs to be reglued.’ part really cracked me up XD

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