The Road So Far. Part 2

Yeah, the last post was long. What of it? I have done a lot of stuff. Chill (Edwin). But, I’ll be more brief this time.

I arrived in London in mid-October (Don’t exactly remember the date), with no solid plans until New Years Eve. I spent 5 days in a student apartment in Bristol, where I spent 2 hours outside in daylight, and spent the nights partying (I came home from an S&M party with a leather whip one night). I rode a bike around Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands (Ireland). I watched regional basketball, and went to a wine show in Lille, France, for free. I travelled across a country to watch Coheed and Cambria support the Deftones. I went to a Dubstep/Drum and Bass festival in Antwerp, and went drunken late night urban sledding in Bruges, Belgium. I experienced a week of Dutch college parties in Arnhem. I woke up one morning in a tiny French commune to the sound of horses trotting up the street. I spent Christmas in a hostel in Marseille, blending the traditions of multiple travellers into a weird, but awesome Christmas (think Scottish smoked salmon for breakfast, awesome Canadian alcoholic egg nog, and Russian ravioli and vodka for dinner). I spent 5 days over New Years Eve sharing an apartment in Barcelona with 14 other people.

Amsterdam by night, in winter

After New Years, I was joined by Wyatt, an American guy who had basically the same plan of aimless travel as myself, and we stuck together until Nice. I made it into a German movie industry afterparty in Munich (open bar baby!). I met an old mate’s kid near Frankfurt. I was mugged in Florence. I met up with Wyatt again, and we worked on an Italian farm just outside Florence. I walked across the border from Slovenia to Croatia (A practice which is typically illegal, except the Slovenian policewoman on the border took a liking to me, it seemed). I slept outside Plitvice National Park, in Croatia, in below freezing temperatures. And I have spent the last week or so relaxing by the sea in sunny Split.

Venice, the view from the Rialto Bridge

From here, the rough idea is to get to Turkey, get an Iranian visa, then make it to UAE, then through Oman and Yemen, to Ethiopia, then Kenya. But with all the civil unrest in that area, my planned route may change again. I might settle for Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, then Kenya.


5 thoughts on “The Road So Far. Part 2

  1. I miss Italy. I’m terrifically thankful for your travels and being able to live through you on your adventures. It’s been a long, cold winter here in Boston and being cooped up has been nothing short of painful. This one was too short 😛

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