Returning To The Familiar

It seems to happen almost too often for me. I constantly find myself coming back to places I have already been. It happened in Bangkok after a 5 year break. It happened in Lille, 2 or 3 times. It happened in Marseille, and Innsbruck. It’s happened with people, both across Asia and Europe.

Now I have found myself back in Split, Croatia. This time I actually have a valid reason though, instead of just passing through. On Wednesday, I met my new boss. I’m now a hostel worker. Accommodation paid for, and just enough cash in the pocket for food and some booze. Admittedly, it’s not much money, but it’s nice to settle down for a bit in a nice town with decent weather.

In a way, this job is what I needed. My bank account was getting a tad low. I haven’t really been appreciating the cities I have been visiting. And I have been looking for some kind of change from just floating around looking at stuff. So, for the next few weeks, this is most likely where I will be.

Just to fill in, for those following.. After Nis, I was planning to go to Sofia,and begin heading south to Turkey. The morning after the Nis Express, however, I woke up, and decided to head north instead. To Belgrade. The capital of Serbia. Which would have been much, MUCH, easier to get to… and cheaper. I still curse my poor route planning… At least I hitch hiked there. First with an old slightly racist man. Second, with a portly young delivery driver, who took great lengths to describe the pay difference between the general population, and the hookers who worked the roads for sex. I’m still not sure if he indulged in their services or not.

Abandoned building at Ze Moon... Belgrade

Still, Belgrade was exactly what I needed. Great hostel, a couple of awesome travellers to get to know, and partying for a couple of nights up until the sun rose, was perfect for me at the time. I was partying on a boat. It was awesome. Then I got word of this job here, and hightailed it back.

Reflections, Belgrade

On a side note, I got paid to explore the island of Brac yesterday, to take photos. I don’t like taking landscape photos… which is kind of what I was meant to take, but the pay was almost a joke, so I reverted to my normal tastes… as a backup…

Supetar Harbour. Not a photo to match the employers descriptions



5 thoughts on “Returning To The Familiar

  1. Everyone needs a little break from the non-stop hustle and bustle of travel. The wallet always needs that break 😛 Glad to hear you’re resting up and taking stock in what you’ve accomplished so far. Your photos are gorgeous, mate. Wish I could be there snapping along with you!

    • Man, I would give it all up in a day to spend time with any of you guys. Don’t make me do it. Find a way to come say hey! But thanks for understanding, mate..

  2. What the HELL is this blog design? YUCK.

    That covered, did you go exploring in the abandoned building? I LOVE abandoned buildings (as opposed to the design you chose for this blog). I also enjoy reading your musings.

    And I have a question. Where will you be in December? 😀

    • Ouch man. Fine, I’ll change it. You could have been a little more polite about it, some people have feelings you know. I didn’t explore that building, no. Was pretty locked up from the outside. Been in a couple other buildings instead.

      Also, as for december, I can’t guarantee where I will be, but possibly Tanzania, or Kenya, or somewhere around there..

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