Operating on Instinct

So, I will start with an apology for being so quiet. I will confess, while I have been living here in Split, there hasn’t exactly been much groundbreaking news to write about. The last 3 months (aside from the Kenya/Uganda trip to visit mum) have been roughly the same formula of hostel work, pub crawl flyering, beach, drinking, socialising, meeting people, and waking up and doing it all again, slotting in some skating every now and then. I have been able to watch how Split has grown as tourist season has approached.

When I started, this town was void of tourists. Cold, wet at times, but the streets were easy to get through, and I didn’t have to deal with elderly tour groups.. 3 months later, it’s hot, the beach is packed, the hostel is almost full to full every night, and successfully making my way through the old town without having my path blocked by tour groups requires a level of premonition that I’m simply not capable of.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love this city. Even with 2 jobs, I haven’t put much money aside… but I have spent my days constantly meeting new travellers, and some new locals. I play picigin at the beach (google it), I have numerous pubs where I drink for free when I bring guests, the takeaway shop downstairs even gives me free food. I have a couple of decent mates, and a good skate buddy (which I need, because I’m woeful on a board).

There is a reason for giving all this up, though. Well, a couple of reasons… The least important (basically not even a factor) is the visa issue… Legally you are only allowed in Croatia for 90 of 180 days (They apparently don’t really care). I have kinda already passed that, I think, but my most recent passport stamp is good for another 5-6 weeks or so… So that doesn’t really count. The second reason, is that work at the hostel stopped being fun. I was managing the place, and loving it. But I was experiencing conflict with the boss, which made for a tense work environment… And the main reason I’m travelling is to have a good time, so when something stops being fun, change it.

But, to be honest, there’s another reason I left. I met a girl, things seemed promising, she left, and I didn’t want to wait 2 months for her to come back to see where it went with her. So on Friday, I left Split, and picked her up after 2 days of travel in Hanau, Germany.

It probably won’t be the end of Split for me. The night before I left, I was offered another job.. A much better offer than the job I left too. But, even if I accept, I’ll have another few weeks of travel before I go back, and I’ll find out what it’s like to travel with a partner. Next stop, Berlin…


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