Achievements: One Year Away

It’s been a year today (actually, on closer inspection, it was yesterday) since I last had my feet on Australian soil. I thought I would look back on the trip so far, in a form inspired by all the Call of Duty/GTA/all those computer games I used to play with my uni roommates..


Total days overseas 421
Last day in aus 26 Oct 2010
Countries visited                          25

Planes taken                               7
Total distance hitch hiked                 5598km
Longest distance hitch hiked in a day      678km
Longest single hitch hike ride             468km
Trains hitch hiked                         1
Police encounters while hitchhiking        2
Number of vehicles owned                   1
Trams blackridden                          30+
Busses blackridden                         7
Trains blackridden                         5-10
Trains hopped                              0

Items lost/stolen                          6 (excluding clothing)
Shoes worn through                         6
Thongs worn through (the footwear)         3
Skateboard tricks learnt                   3 (Ollie included)
Cameras owned                              4
Photos taken (Digital)                     3883
Times mugged                               1
Money stolen                               30Eur
Noses broken                               1

Birthdays spent overseas                   2
Medical Schools turned down                1
Travel partners (10 days or more)          3
Friends from home seen                     5
Girls slept with                           LOCKED
Relationships ended                        2
Relationships started                      1
Number of jobs                             3
Months locked out of internet banking      6
Mountain gorillas seen in the wild         8

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