Well Worn Soles: Now With Pictures Again!

Big news people. I have photos! Rattled through a few rolls of film on my brand-spanking Minolta SRT101. Brand spanking may not be the right choice of words for a camera built in the 70’s… But still.

I hunted through Istanbul for days, looking for the cheapest place to get film developed, refusing to believe that $13 for one roll of film could be market standard. My hard work paid off, finding one store who would develop, and load the photos onto my USB for a mere $3 a roll.

Unfortunately you get what you pay for. Fortunately I have rescued many to an extent, but scanned clarity, and framing, were both pretty awful… Plus they didn’t bother scanning the last photo on each roll…..  Next time I’ll pay the extra dollar…

Still, without further adieu… Macedonia:

Lake Ohrid, Lonely Peir

Lake Ohrid, Lonely Peir

Alexander the Great, for reference

Local shredder Viktor

Jon, Backside Boardslide

Sessioning the ‘Alex the Great’ skatespot, Skopje

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