Spent almost a week in Sofia, Bulgaria. Couchsurfed a few days. Went to a Nick Cave party. Spent a couple nights in a hostel. Got drunk in an abandoned building. The Police came. Explained why I was drinking in an abandoned building to the police while everyone else ran and hid. Went drunk skateboarding. Nearly got run over by a tram and a taxi while drunk skateboarding. Went on a walking tour, bailed an hour later. Ate lots of pizza. Played lots of pool. Took photos. Here’s some photos:

Bulgarian Guard for some foreign dignitaries or something..

No idea what the statue surrounded by a graffiti wall actually was, apart from a badass Soviet looking statue. If that’s it’s purpose, it succeeds.

Also, see the reason why you should pay more than 2Eur/roll to get film developed and digitalised. Because when you do pay 2Eur in Istanbul, the negatives often don’t line up with the images…

NDK Park, Statue

Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Sofia

Would have added more but it’s too difficult…


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