Experiencing Istanbul, Chp 2: Explore Tacky Grand Bazaars

Rarely one for shopping, and even less when it involves gaudy souvenir crap, I’m not entirely sure how I ended up in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. Especially when I knew beforehand that it was simply a MASSIVE indoor market, full of overpriced souvenir crap aimed at tourists. Still, I was roped into it by a couple of Georgian girls, who were admittedly good company (..except for the time they ran off in Sofia, Bulgaria, while I had to explain to the cops why we were drinking in the abandoned building…). And I found myself in there again a few days later, for some dumb reason.

Still, despite the prevalence of shiny things, there was just far too many lanterns, far too many jewellery stores, and FAR too many sellers who would hassle me, ME, about buying whatever little thing I glanced at, or that the girls glanced at. Seriously guys, look at me. Sporting an inch thick beard, dirty tattered jeans, long hair, shoes I could poke my toes through, a backpack from the 80’s and a camera from the 70’s, I disn’t exactly look like the souvenir buying type….. or the type to buy expensive jewellery for female company… And that’s something I consider myself relatively proud of, in all honesty.

Still, all that said, I took one or two photos of shiny things. And I must admit, the Grand Bazaar wouldn’t be so bad, sans all the tourists, annoying sellers, and hell, the prices… Maybe I’d splurge on something if splurging wasn’t so expensive.

Shiny things... i.e. Lanterns

Moar shiny

That man is wayyy too keen on that luggage

Don't be fooled, there's more tourist crap and carpets down here


6 thoughts on “Experiencing Istanbul, Chp 2: Explore Tacky Grand Bazaars

  1. Shines like gold….you must buy this stuff, you need it so that later in life when you move home you can look at it for the fifth or sixth time and think to yourself. “how was that ever a good idea”

  2. Hope you picked me up a bauble or two or at least a giant, intricate, bulky, delicate glass lantern that I expect to be in pristine condition by the time you make it to the States.

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