Istanbul Aside – Vintage Camera Shopping

Old cameras. Shot with my already owned Minolta SRT101, Ilford PAN400

There are two things I can never help myself with, when it comes to shopping. Normally, I’m somewhat of a rock, uninterested in the task of buying clothes, or shoes, or definitely souvenirs. But there’s still those two weaknesses. Vinyl records, and old cameras. Europe was hell for me to get through, all the markets with the European releases of albums I had never seen on vinyl, and me looking through them with no money, and no space. I finally shook that urge after the disappointment of not acquiring became too much.

Then Eastern Europe came around, and the prevalence of old Zorky’s, Kiev’s, and other Soviet relics rose, while the prices dropped. Finally I caved on the urge and purchased my Minolta SRT101. Then I arrived in Istanbul, and found the camera district. A few days later three girls checked in to my hostel, liked my camera, wanted to get (back) into film, and so off we went, in search of some good old film cameras. Just when we thoguht our options were exhausted, we found this little German speaking man, up some stairs and around a corner, in a shop barely bigger than a kitchen table, but stuffed to the brim with old cameras, lenses, spare parts, and repair tools…

Uninterested by her offer

The girls came out two cameras richer, and, for three girls apparently on a super tight budget, much poorer.. Me, I’m happy with my Minolta. I may have kept a sly eye open for a cheap rangefinder… but didn’t succumb.


5 thoughts on “Istanbul Aside – Vintage Camera Shopping

  1. I have the same problem with cameras, maybe someday we will be able to buy whichever ones we like. Nice pictures, makes me want to buy another camera!

    • It’s not the official name, just what I named it, since there’s a heap of shops there… It’s the area just southwest of the Sirkeci train station (as in, from the Sirkeci tram stop, head away from the water and the shops will be down the streets on your right)

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