Finished With Istanbul

Enough is enough. It’s been a month since I left Istanbul, and as a result, a month since I landed in Nairobi. While I did fall in love with Istanbul, I can’t let myself keep writing about it. No more. For now..

So this will be a small sample of the photos I still wanted to share, but hadn’t yet. Primarily, was the highly-anticipated, in my eyes at least, roll of 3200ISO black and white film I shot. Unfortunately for me, the man I left in charge of developing this roll, in Nairobi, must have been sleeping, as I lost the first 10 photos, shot in the underground Basilica Cistern. Devastating. The resulting photos came out also worse for wear, but were at least manageable..

All photos featured here were a product of either the aforementioned 3200 film, or a 3 year expired roll.

Light leaks aren't necessarily bad

Here can be witnessed the perils of risking expired film. Don’t get me wrong, it can work out beautifully, or it can end up cloudy, super grainy, soft, or just with messed up colours (which some would still argue is beautiful).

Blue Mosque, with super expired film.

Expired view over the horn

And now, to finish off Istanbul, are the shisha smoking session photos. It’s much easier to type than say out loud. I had high hopes for these shots, but was unfortunately let down a little. To be fair, I haven’t much experience shooting film at high ISO, and there was a LOT of smoke in the cafe. By the way, as a quick sidenote to anyone with little experience, I recommend apple flavour, with a bit of mint. Personal fave so far, feel free to disagree.

3 of my 4 main Istanbul homies.


6 thoughts on “Finished With Istanbul

  1. Ok. Question. How do you deal with the constant risk and hassle of having to develop your film in these awesome places? I admire you greatly for it, especially because your photos are sick, but mentally I don’t think I could do it unless I also had a digital camera on me for security and piece of mind that I won’t miss an opportunity. I have a manual lens, and that already stresses me out enough, not knowing at that instant if the shot is in focus or not. Just taking that risk and coming up with shots like these makes you more of a photographer than I’ll ever be!


    • I duno, I guess it’s just the fact that I have no other option. I used to use a DSLR, but the lens didn’t cope with travel so well, and I figured the cost of replacing it would be better spent travelling more. Truth be told it is hard shooting only film, and full manual, and I do miss opportunities here and there, but I have no other option, and I figure you just gotta be confident that you will get what you want..

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