The Bartender – Kanchanaburi, Thailand

I’m in Burlington, Vermont. In a couple of days, a very close friend of mine gets married to a lovely girl. I approve, not that it should matter if I didn’t.

Anyway, that’s completely irrelevent to this post. Before landing in New York City, I spent a month back in Thailand, a land previously very close to my heart (7 months, straight out of high school, will do that to a person). There have been other returns to Thailand, and specifically Bangkok, where I was based in 2006. However I found this trip to leave a different impression. Things changed, for the country, sure, but mostly in myself. My values and beliefs no longer seem compatible with the lifestyle found in Bangkok, Thailand. Also relatively irrelevant to this post.

Now, relevantly. I had to get out of Bangkok. Bangkok had always been the one city I always claimed I could move back to in an instant, if I was offered a job there… but this visit proved completely different. I wasn’t enjoying my time there, I felt stagnant, and uninspired in the capital, so I left. I found myself in Kanchanaburi and made some friends. One of whom was Jeejee, the bartender at one of the 10 baht shot bars. 10 baht is roughly 30 cents. We spoke, became friends, and through her and the other friends I made, I broke my 2 weeks of sobriety at that same 10 baht bar. The bargain was too good to refuse. And she and her bar made a nice subject to shoot.

So, this is Jeejee.


I’ve had a few beers tonight. It’s a reunion of old friends, deal with it.


3 thoughts on “The Bartender – Kanchanaburi, Thailand

  1. 1. Have fun at the wedding! Copious drinking is permissible! I’m taking a break myself (last night doesn’t count) because I hate hangovers and, unlike Thailand, booze is expensive in Austria. Maybe that’s a good thing?
    2. I plan on going around southeast asia next year – will love some advice!
    3. What do you mean Bangkok is no longer compatible with your lifestyle? Like, as a teenager fresh out of school were you hanging out in the red light district??
    4. Great post. Remember that you have readers who gobble up every Well Worn Soles post! Relevant: my mom is one of those readers, she goes: “Did you read his new post!!?? He’s working as a guide in Kenya!!!”. Yes, my mom is cute.

    • 1: copious drinking is happening. It’s been over a month since I have properly engaged, which is impressive in this lifestyle, I think. Also, am welcoming the end already. One positive of a $15 budget is I eat and drink healthy/minimal.
      2: Hit me up when you get near. I have advice, it doesn’t match guide books.
      3: No. I have a VERY strong opinion about the red light district, and it’s business, and it’s not positive. It never has been. At 18 I avoided the red light district, and am pleased to say that hasn’t changed. The big change has been related to issues like capitalism, commercialism, and, in general, the incessant need most people have to spend copious amounts of money on unnecessary items and services. A personal opinion which I found grew over my travels, and if people don’t like it..
      4: Never actually realised that, and still refuse to accept it. Still, it’s nice to know people are reading, and, for the most part, appreciating 🙂

      • That’s great, then. Less is more, capitalism is inherently flawed (read: fuck America), which is why I’m happy to be in Europe, a continent that caters to my particular brand of socialism. Europe has its own problems, obviously, but you must pick your poison! I too wish people would value people over ‘things’. It breaks my heart to see money win time and time again, but then again, what can you do. Somehow having my own values and beliefs is enough – the only thing that can be done – and painfully not enough at the same time.

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